Dr Ryan Balzan

Flinders University
Research Field: Psychology

People with delusions jump to conclusions, where they make hasty decisions based on very little information. Delusions can cause significant emotional and social distress. People with delusions disregard information
that does not support their beliefs, which could explain why delusions are resistant to change.

Dr Balzan’s research focuses on the role that cognitive biases play in the development and maintenance of delusions. His research is currently focused on the study of a metacognitive training programme that targets the underlying cognitive biases that foster and maintain delusions.

Ryan has worked with mental health advocacy organisations to promote greater understanding and acceptance of severe mental illnesses, as well as working with carers to provide up-to-date information on treatment of psychosis. Dr Balzan was awarded his PhD from The University of Adelaide in 2012, and is currently a Vice-Chancellor’s Early Career Research Fellow at Flinders University.