Dr Nicolas Hart

Edith Cowan University
Oncology and Carcinogenesis, Exercise Medicine

Dr Hart is a cancer researcher, focusing on the ability of targeted exercise to slow tumour growth, prevent new tumours forming, delay disease progression and increase survival in advanced cancer patients. In particular, his research examines how tumours in the human body respond to different types of exercise in patients at the advanced stages of cancer, and how these changes can help current cancer treatments work more effectively. His research also focuses on patients with cancer that has spread to their bone, which forms over 80% of all advanced cancer patients. Given that cancers in the advanced stages are currently incurable, this research importantly aims to help find ways to delay disease progression and improve overall survival, currently in breast and prostate cancer patients; the two largest cancer groups in Australia.

Through his research, Nicolas has developed strong collaborations with many organisations in the medical, public and allied health disciplines, allowing him to communicate his research to clinicians, cancer patients and to the broader community. He has written ‘expert articles’ for Breast Cancer Network Australia and regularly presents at national and international cancer conferences.

As a researcher and clinical communicator, he also travels across Australia, delivering a national roadshow for cancer and exercise to accredited exercise physiologists working with cancer.

  • Oncology
  • Carcinogenesis