Dr Nadim Darwish

Curtin University

Just like kids turn plastic Lego cubes into a castle, dragon or a car, chemists use similar concepts to create structures and materials to form a range of products from drugs that heal to glues that seal.
Dr Darwish’s research explores using individual atoms and molecules as “Lego” to create the tiniest electrical components. This research will revolutionize existing technologies, like computers, and open up a realm of possibilities that may allow us to lead better, cleaner, and more efficient lives. Imagine super computers that can solve the hardest problems facing our societies, sensors that can detect the tiniest amount of a harmful substance or a device that generates new drugs. This is possible using molecular electronics.

Nadim regularly interacts with parents and high school students to encourage them into the field of science. He was interviewed in the students’ project under the science communication course at Macquarie University which promotes the importance of communicating science effectively to a general audience. Nadim’s research is frequently covered by the media and he contributes to several news outlets (e.g. Chemistry World, Chemical and Engineering News). Nadim has been involved in organizing and presenting at public forums and Universities-open days in the field of nanotechnology.

  • Nanotechnology
  • Chemistry