A/Professor Michael Milford

Robotics, Neuroscience
Queensland University of Technology

Associate Professor Milford’s expertise is modelling how the brain helps us navigate; unlocking how we store and access a map of the world in the brain, and how we can make robots do the same thing – but better. He is the primary creator of the RatSLAM model – a computational model that emulates how two key parts of the brain enable humans and animals to be such remarkable navigators. This has enormous significance and benefits to society, including the development of self-driving autonomous cars.

The wider scope of A/Professor Milford’s research includes applying intelligent robotic technologies to detect harmful changes in a variety of environments, from automatically monitoring important ecological systems for environmental damage, to detecting sun damage on human skin. He is also applying his camera-based robot algorithms to monitor safety in a range of infrastructure and aircraft.

Michael has been involved in numerous outreach activities in robotics and neuroscience.
As ATSE Ambassador, he gave many talks at high schools and PROBUS retirement groups promoting science and engineering. His educational business has reached millions of mathematics and science students around the world, making these topics more applicable and interesting. He is currently developing a travelling school workshop that illustrates ‘real world’ math using entertaining action scenarios.

  • Robotics
  • Computational Neuroscience
  • Mapping
  • Navigation
  • Electrical Engineering