Dr Christopher Brown

Marine ecology and fisheries
Griffith University

Healthy ocean ecosystems are critical to support fisheries, which provide incomes, jobs and food to millions of people worldwide. Yet ocean ecosystems are increasingly threatened by human impacts like over-fishing, pollution and climate change. Dr Brown uses mathematical models and statistical analyses to measure the benefits of better management to people and ecosystems, showing how we can balance the conservation of ocean life with the benefits oceans provide to people.

Dr Brown’s work has shown how we can manage fisheries to compromise between the need to have profitable fisheries supporting the world’s protein needs, and conserving healthy ecosystems.

Chris has contributed to sections of the fifth Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change assessment report, which is used world-wide to inform policies on climate. My work with fisheries, was used by the Marine Stewardship Council, to set sustainable guidelines for fisheries. HE has also written articles for The Conversation, Decision Point magazine as well as conducting interviews about his work.

  • Marine Ecology
  • Fisheries
  • Conservation Biology
  • Ecology
  • Biology
  • Environmental Science