Dr David McCarthy


Monash University
Research Field: Water Engineering

Dr. McCarthy researches and develops novel treatment devices which can remove the harmful components of wastewater and stormwater (such as lead E.coli), so that we can safely use these water sources in and around our homes. He focuses on natural or passive treatments (eg. wetlands), which provide more sustainable solutions compared to traditional high-cost, high-energy, and high-maintenance systems. His work on novel stormwater treatment and harvesting is already being implemented in schools and universities around Australia, transforming the way we dispose of stormwater, and saving millions of litres of drinking water every year.
David used his first academic grant to fund a project at CERES Community Environment Park where research on water treatment is demonstrated to the local community and the 65,000 school students who visit the site each year. He also delivers lectures to the CERES community and his project was highlighted in several local newspapers and in The Age.

  • Stormwater Management
  • Water Systems Modelling
  • Water Engineering
  • Civil Engineering
  • Engineering