Dr Alexander Argyros

Dr Alexander Argyros
University of Sydney

Dr Argyros’ research is focused on understanding how light interacts with microscopic structures in materials. The main platform of his research has been in optical fibres with micron-sized holes running the length of the fibre to make them more transparent, to allow faster connections, or for medical applications, like detecting different chemicals. He is also studying how small wires can make lenses that can take much higher resolution images than ordinary lenses ever could. Such breakthroughs would be important in many fields such as communications, medicine and security.

In 2008/2009 Alexander was consulted by the Powerhouse Museum for an exhibition/workshop on optical fibres for Year 11 students and gave a public lecture at there in the Talks After Noon series on the National Broadband Network. He has also been a consultant for the Royal Australian Chemical Institute for their Materials Future Exhibition currently touring around Australia. In 2012 Alexander co-authored an article for Laser Focus World on his research into transmitting far-infrared radiation through optical fibres.

  • Photonics
  • Physics