Dr Neeraj Sharma

Dr Neeraj Sharma
University of NSW
Solid State and Materials Chemistry

We currently use vast amounts of resources to power our lives; from electricity and batteries to petrol. Dr Sharma’s research aims at creating new materials that can increase the amount of energy that we can extract from resources, whether renewable like solar, or non-renewable like methane.

He uses special techniques to ‘see’ how atoms are distributed in energy-related devices, and how these change when the device is used.  Looking at each component individually, he can build up a real-life device and look at how it functions.

Neeraj has regularly presented his work to the public, including annual guest lectures entitled ‘The Nuclear Debate’ at the International Grammar School, Sydney, at the Ultimo Science Festival in 2011, and in early 2013 presented the Occasional Address at Sydney Technical High School Speech Day to an audience of over 900 students, parents and teachers. Whilst at ANSTO, he regularly taught high school students and teachers during ANSTO Secondary Teacher Development Days, and had discussions with politicians at ANSTO facilities following his involvement with Science Meets Parliament in 2011.

  • Solid State Chemistry
  • Materials Chemistry
  • Chemistry