AProf Lucinda Black

Associate Professor at Curtin University in Perth

Lucinda’s research focuses on improving people’s health through nutrition by tackling areas where knowledge is lacking, including dietary vitamin D, vitamin K, and the link between diet and multiple sclerosis (MS).

Her research aims to: promote vitamin D sufficiency among Aboriginal people through safe sun exposure and sustainable consumption of bush tucker; identify good dietary sources of vitamin K in Australia for optimal bone, brain and health health; remove the confusion about diet for people with MS by elucidating the role of diet in MS and delivering these findings to the MS community through co-designed education resources and programs.

Lucinda promotes her research to health professionals and people with MS through community presentations, newsletter articles, and media interviews, along with promoting vitamin D sufficiency to Aboriginal communities and Rangers through workshops and community newsletters.

Nutrition, diet, nutritional epidemiology, food composition, vitamin D, vitamin K, multiple sclerosis