A/Prof Mamoun Alazab

Charles Darwin University
Research Field: Cyber Security

The rise of cybercrime is predicated on the Internet making it easier for cyber criminals to operate remotely and to remain anonymous. This makes tracing and profiling the source of malicious software of an attack, for the purpose of deterrence and protection, extremely difficult.

Mamoun Alazab aims to develop a new perspective in the study of cybercrime activities by studying authorship of malicious binaries and cybercrime patterns. His research is multidisciplinary and based on cyber security with a focus on cybercrime detection and prevention. This includes the intersection use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning as essential tools for cybersecurity. 

Mamoun has written government publications on cyber-crime and run a workshop at Macquarie University on the nature of cyber-attacks. He gave a keynote speech on malware analysis using artificial intelligence at a Global AI conference and was part of a panel on improving cyber security and governance. 

Mamoun completed his PhD in Computer Science at the Federation University of Australia in 2012. He is currently an Associate Professor at the College of Engineering, IT and Environment at Charles Darwin University.