Dr Sumeet Walia

RMIT University

Dr Walia’s research aims to directly tackle issues in electronics with have prevented many technological advancements. He has created small electronic chips that can store and recall information in a manner similar to the human brain helping to better understand neurological disorders as well as progress artificial intelligence.  He devised technology that can result in smaller and faster processing chips which would allow all electronic devices to be much faster and at the same time be more energy efficient, resulting in smarter systems across industries including healthcare and telecommunications. Finally he has developed very tiny energy sources that could power the next-generation devices like implantable cardiac micro-defibrillators the size of apple seeds or tiny sensors to monitor the environment.

Summet’s work has been covered by several national and international TV/radio outlets including ABC, SBS, Al-Jazeera as well as the electronic/print media. He was part of the team that won RMIT Media Star of the Year in 2015. He has delivered an invited talk at the 3rd International Conference on UV and Skin Cancer Prevention and has also been invited to deliver a talk at the Emerging Technologies Communications Microsystems Optoelectronics Sensors (ETCMOS) conference in Poland.

  • Nanoelectronics
  • Materials