Dr Angela Crean

The University of Sydney
Evolutionary Biology

Dr Crean’s research deciphers the role the environment plays in influencing which traits are passed on to the next generation. Using marine invertebrates, insects and mammals she is looking to explain how a male’s environment influences the quality of his sperm, and whether this, in turn influences the growth and survival of his offspring.

Her research offers great potential for new reproductive strategies across the spectrum, from agriculture to humans. She hopes her work will enable environmental interventions that improve sperm quality for use in assisted reproductive technologies and thereby improve success rates of less invasive reproductive procedures.

Angela has had many opportunities to communicate not only her work but Science in general. Articles on her work have appeared in New Scientist, National Geographic and The Conversation as well as international podcasts, such as Science Faction (Canada). She takes part in public science events like Nerd Nite and is a scientific judge for Fame Lab. Through the award of the L’Oreal Fellowship, she is actively promoting women in science, speaking at Girls in Science forums in Victoria and NSW.

  • Evolutionary Biology
  • Reproduction
  • Evolutionary Ecology
  • Biology