Dr Prue Cormie

Exercise Oncology
Edith Cowan University

(2015 Tall Poppy of the Year WA)
While advances in cancer treatments have improved the length of survival, these treatments also cause serious side effects that negatively impact physical and mental health over a long period of time. Dr Cormie’s research focuses on discovering how to use exercise as a medicine to counteract these side effects and maximise quality of life during and after cancer treatment. Specifically, her research has shown that exercise leads to significant improvements in sexual well-being, cancer-related fatigue, psychological distress, body composition, physical function and reduced risk factors of other chronic diseases (e.g. cardiovascular disease, diabetes, osteoporosis) in men with prostate cancer.

Prue is dedicated to engaging with the community and translating her research into practice with the aim of enhancing supportive care services available to people with cancer. She conducts science presentations to various community groups including the general public, cancer patients and carers, oncology clinicians, general practitioners and health professionals. She has been invited to speak at Science on the Swan and National Science Education Conference of the Australian Science Teachers Association. Prue recently established special interest/advocacy groups within the Clinical Oncology Society of Australia and Exercise and Sports Science Australia and served as inaugural chair for each group.