2023 Tall Poppy Finalist Resources Page

Congratulations on becoming a 2023 Tall Poppy Award Finalist!

Winning a Tall Poppy Award is a big accomplishment, and one that can take your work to the next level.

This Tall Poppy Resource Centre is your guide to making the most of your award win.

Promote your win and your work:

  • Create a media brief (this could be alongside your universities PR team)
  • Promote your win on social media with ready-made social assets – think Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram
  • Put a Tall Poppy winner logo on your website
  • And a Tall Poppy Finalist email signature to your emails

Please use the hashtag #YTP2023 and/or #TallPoppy and remember to tag AIPS.

Our social media pages are listed below:

We ask that you send us a head & shoulders photo suitable for publication and also to prepare a short (180 max app word piece) to include in any Tall Poppy promotional material (printed and online).