ACT Tall Poppies

The 2020 ACT Tall poppies were announced virtually on the 21st of October.

The Young Tall Poppy Science Awards, an initiative of the Australian Institute of Policy and Science, aims to recognise excellence in research as well as enthusiasm for communicating science beyond the walls of the laboratory. The Awards are widely considered to be an early indicator of Australia’s future scientific leaders, identifying excellent early career scientists.

The ACT Young Tall Poppy Science Awards first started in 2002. More than 50 scientists have been awarded since.

ACT Tall Poppy Winners


Dr Anna Olsen

Dr Aparna Lal

Dr Larissa Schneider

Dr Sambasivam Periyannan

Dr Tristan Reekie


Mr Bradley Moggridge

Dr Lara Malins

Dr Madeline Mitchell

Dr Riccardo Natoli

Dr AJ Mitchell

Dr Amelia Gulliver


Dr Anne Bruestle

Dr Vini Gautam

Dr Bryan Lessard

Dr Erin Walsh

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