Dr Azmeraw Amare

AIPS 2023 NSW Tall Poppy Dr Azmeraw Amare

Mental health disorders are of major concern worldwide, contributing to 13-32% of the global disease burden and resulting in 1.5 million suicides and 15-30 million suicide attempts annually.

While many individuals with mental illness seek medical help and undergo psychiatric care, a considerable percentage, ranging from 30-40%, do not respond to initial medication-based therapies, and around 10-45% experience moderate to severe treatment-related side effects. This variability in treatment response is partly attributable to genetic factors.

Dr Amare leads a dedicated research team with a vision to revolutionize mental health treatment through the development of genetic tests. These tests aim to enable clinicians to make accurate diagnoses and identify the most effective and safe medications for their patients. Leveraging advanced data science techniques on extensive internationally gathered genetic datasets, his team endeavors to create innovative technologies that can personalize health care, ultimately enhancing the quality of life for millions suffering from mental illnesses.

Beyond his current focus on pharmacogenomics and studying the genetic basis of mental health disorders, Dr. Amare’s research spans areas such as diversity genomics, healthy aging, and global health.

Dr. Azmeraw Amare obtained his PhD in Medicine (2018) from the University of Adelaide and currently holds the prestigious NHMRC Emerging Leadership Fellowship (2021-2026).

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