Dr Alexandra Whittaker

Dr Alexandra Whittaker SA 2023 Tall Poppy Winner

Dr Alexandra Whittaker has a unique background being trained as a veterinarian, animal welfare scientist, and lawyer. Her work involves developing new tools for assessment of animal welfare. Specifically, a focus on those that are feasible for use within industry.

Animal welfare is a societal issue, inspiring lively, and polarised debate. What’s more, it is becoming increasingly obvious that good animal welfare is not only of importance for the animal but is needed to minimise the risk of ‘spillover’ of diseases from humans to animals in the form of pandemic events. Whilst value judgments are important in our interactions with animals, decision-making around animal husbandry practices needs a basic in scientific evidence.

Alexandra completed her PhD in 2016 and currently works as a senior lecturer in animal welfare and law the at the University of Adelaide.

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