Dr Samantha Munroe

Dr Samantha Munroe SA 2023 Tall Poppy

Dr Samantha Munroe is an ecologist dedicated to the conservation of Australian wildlife. She studies the habitat use patterns of plants and animals and how they will be impacted by environmental change. She has worked with a variety of species on land and at sea, including sharks, prawns, shrubs, and grass.

Dr Samantha has spoken to roughly 2000 children about her work at schools across Australia and internationally. She also has a YouTube channel where she creates videos on ecology and debunks scientific myths in film and television.

Dr Munroe completed her PhD in 2015 at James Cook University. She spent the past 5 years as a post-doctoral research fellow at the University of Adelaide with the Terrestrial Ecosystem Research Network, but recently commenced a new position as a Research Scientist with CSIRO.

You can connect with Dr Samantha Munroe on ResearchGate.

(Terrestrial and Marine Ecology, Landscape Ecology, Environmental Monitoring)

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