Dr Mariana Campbell

Dr Mariana Campbell AIPS 2023 NT Young Tall Poppy of the Year

We are facing a global biodiversity extinction crisis. Governmental spending on protecting and recovering threatened species is inadequate and insufficient. Consequently, the protection and conservation of many threatened species is becoming ever more reliant upon the actions of self-funded community groups.

Dr Mariana Campbell’s research interlinks ecology and conservation science with community engagement to improve outcomes for some of Australia’s most threatened species. Her collaborative approach has demonstrated the power of the local community in facilitating research for informed management and evidence-based conservation initiatives. Specifically, Mariana has led a 15-year collaborative community research program focused on saving the Mary River turtle (Elusor macrurus) from extinction. This long-term collaboration has enabled national priorities to be set for this threatened freshwater turtle and ensured research findings were incorporated into local water resource planning, infrastructure projects, and economic development.

Dr Mariana Campbell was awarded her PhD from The University of Queensland in 2012. She is currently a Lecturer/Research Fellow at Charles Darwin University.