Dr Giselle Yeo

Dr Giselle Yeo AIPS 2023 NSW Tall Poppy winner

Stem cells are emerging as promising therapies for a range of disorders and injuries. However, broad translation of stem cell therapies is hindered by issues of low cell supply and inefficient or non-uniform cell function.

Dr Giselle Yeo’s research aims to address these issues by understanding the native processes that regulate stem cell behaviour, and applying these towards new cell-instructive technologies and materials that can improve stem cell growth and enhance their regenerative function and lifespan.

Outside the lab, Dr Giselle Yeo directs the Amgen Biotech Experience program in Australia, an international science outreach program, which upskills teachers and lab technicians in biotechnology and provides resources to deliver a gene cloning practical experience to high school students across 50+ schools in Sydney and Dubbo.

Dr Yeo is committed to promoting accessibility and inclusivity in science education, and regularly shares her work via professional development courses and school visits.

Dr Yeo is a NHMRC Emerging Leadership Fellow in the School of Life and Environmental Sciences and a Group Leader in the Charles Perkins Centre at the University of Sydney.

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