Dr Joel Williams

Dr Joel Williams

It is undeniable that the world’s oceans are changing with climate change, pollution, and fishing, and that this is resulting in shifts of habitats and associated fish distribution and abundance.

Dr Joel Williams is a quantitative marine ecologist whose research is focused on understanding how human impacts and climate change are influencing fish assemblages on temperate reefs and the Southern Ocean. Joel is interested in fish and habitat associations and effects of marine parks at the mesophotic zone.

The highlight of Joel’s outreach and science communication was when he welcomed the BBC’s Naked Scientist on the boat to help tag fish while being interviewed. Joel’s research is regularly featured on tv, radio and social media. Joel is an active user of the social media platforms Twitter (@joelfishecology) and Instagram (@joel_willimas_photos) to raise awareness of the latest research and showcase how amazing Australia’s temperate reefs are.

Dr Joel Williams was awarded his PhD from the University of Melbourne in 2013 and is currently a Research Associate at the Institute for Marine and Antarctic Studies at the University of Tasmania.

Marine ecology, quantitative ecology, spatial analysis, temperate reefs, climate change, marine parks

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