Dr Mark Adams

Dr Mark AdamsLung cancer is the deadliest cancer worldwide. This disease is indiscriminate affecting smokers and non-smokers alike. While the effectiveness of treatments is improving, unfortunately current strategies fail to adequately treat all people diagnosed with lung cancer. Tumour resistance to therapy remains a primary reason why lung cancer is so deadly.

To address this global challenge, the research team I am leading is developing a precise dual pronged approach to identify which tumours are likely to be therapy resistant and to develop strategies enabling appropriate treatment of these tumours. Our research is exploiting unique molecular features of therapy resistant tumours by developing new drug-like therapeutics to switch off the molecules that are overactive in therapy resistant disease. My goal is to reverse therapy resistance and improve health outcomes and quality of life for all people living with lung cancer through optimal treatment.

Dr Adams enthusiastically partners with national foundations to deliver public seminars about lung cancer and to raise disease awareness. He also engages in the national PenPal program where students get to learn about his work.

Mark was awarded his PhD in 2012. He is currently an Advance Queensland Industry Research Fellow at the Queensland University of Technology.

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