Dr Jiao Jiao Li

Dr Jiao Jiao Li

Lecturer, Group Leader, and NHMRC Early Career Fellow at UTS

Musculoskeletal conditions, including osteoarthritis and bone fractures, are the leading cause of chronic disabilities in Australia and globally, incurring enormous healthcare costs.

As a biomedical engineer, Jiao Jiao combines approaches from multiple fields to create regenerative solutions for bone and joint diseases. Her work contributed to the invention and validation of new implants that help regrow natural bone. Her current research on stem cells and their bio-products hopes to develop customised biological therapeutics as improved treatments for osteoarthritis.

Jiao Jiao loves passing on her passion of being a biomedical engineer and promoting careers in STEM. She communicates regularly with the community at National Science Week events and public seminars, as well as with school-aged students through many visits to NSW schools each year and the BIOTech Futures outreach program. Jiao Jiao’s passion for science communication is supported by her roles as 2021-22 Superstar of STEM, and national winner of Falling Walls Lab Australia 2021.

Jiao Jiao completed her PhD in 2015 at the University of Sydney, and is currently a Lecturer, Group Leader, and NHMRC Early Career Fellow at UTS.