A/Prof Billy Sung

Curtin University
Research Field: Consumer Psychology

Businesses, NGOs, and government agencies are making high-value business decisions and investments every day. These decisions can be better informed by obtaining an intimate understanding of consumers and stakeholders through a scientific, evidence-based, and data-driven approach

Billy’s research explores the application of consumer neuroscience techniques such as eye tracking, facial expression, and brainwave analyses to provide rigour and scientific consumer and stakeholder insights. These insights have informed the design of effective marketing communications, product design, corporate social responsibility initiatives, behavioural change techniques, and teaching innovations.

To enhance the interest of industry partners, the general public, students, and parents toward consumer neuroscience, Billy’s extensive public engagement has spanned mainstream media, public lectures, invited talks, industry talks, community events and secondary school visits.

A/Prof Sung was awarded his PhD from the University of Queensland in 2016. He is currently the Research Lead of the Consumer Research Lab and an Associate Professor at the School of Management and Marketing, Curtin University.

Field of research: consumer psychology; consumer neuroscience; psychophysiology; neuromarketing; marketing; business