Dr Victoria Blair

Monash University
Research Field: Inorganic Chemistry

Making brand new molecules, drugs or fine chemical feedstocks is a costly and complicated process. There is a need to develop and design new reagents that offer more selective, atom economical and efficient methodologies in synthesis.

Dr Blair is an organochemist, who uses a range of metals in her research to make new direct metal-carbon or metal-nitrogen bonds. Her reaction ingredients span the whole periodic table, where she pairs and tunes the properties of certain metals together to construct new active-metal reagents. These active-metal reagent tools can be used to build a variety of drug scaffolds and fine chemical feedstocks used in biological, medicinal and materials chemistry.

Victoria developed and implemented a science outreach ‘Whizz, Pop, Bang, Show’ that she has rolled out across local kinder and primary Schools over the last 4 years. She is also Curious Minds STEM coach providing encouragement, guidance, and assistance to year 9/10 girls to complete a STEMM based project and a SAGE Intersectionality Workshop facilitator.

Victoria completed her PhD in 2010 at Strathclyde University. She is currently a ARC Future Fellow at Monash University.