Dr Rebecca Allen

Swinburne University of Technology
Research Field: Astronomy, Galaxy Formation

There is still much to learn about our vast and complex Universe and the laws of physics that govern it. One way to address this is by studying the formation and evolution of galaxies, which are the largest systems of stars, planets, gas, dust and even mysterious dark matter in our Universe.

To understand how space can benefit Earth, Dr Rebecca Allen is helping Australian students and researchers design and send their own experiments to the International Space Station. She is also exploring how space can be used to build climate change resilient communities through advanced technology and Earth observations.

Rebecca led the Swinburne Youth Space Innovation Challenge (supported by the Australian Space Agency and SmartSat CRC) and has presented and coordinated speakers for Swinburne’s free public astronomy lectures. She has also directed and co-written for 3D astronomy films and contributed to the SciVR astronomy app. 

Rebecca was awarded her PhD in 2017 from Swinburne University of Technology. She is currently the Capability demonstrator lead, I-in-the-Sky at  SmartSat CRC & Swinburne.