Dr Fabien Vincent

Monash University
Research Field: Immunology

The health disparity between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians is a national tragedy. Dr Vincent’s research tackles a devastating autoimmune disease called ‘lupus’. For reasons unknown, lupus is two to four times more common (and more severe) in Indigenous Australians. His vision is to unravel the reasons for this and use this knowledge to improve the lives of Indigenous Australians with lupus. 

To do this, Dr Vincent and his team take blood from patients and measure many thousands of genes and proteins. Using complex data analysis methods, known as bioinformatics, they analyse all these blood markers at once. This study is a first to establish a national Indigenous lupus registry and biobank. This will allow doctors in the near future to find the right drug for the right patient. 

Fabien has successfully engaged with the media to raise awareness of autoimmune diseases, publishing many articles in The Conversation, participating in radio and TV interviews and in a film documentary about lupus.

Dr Vincent completed his PhD in immunology at Monash University in 2018 and is currently a NHMRC Emerging Leadership Fellow at Monash University.