A/Prof Adrienne O’Neil

Deakin University
Research Field: Mental Health

Providing people with mental health problems clinical care that improves their diet, physical activity, sleep and reduces smoking, drug and alcohol use, is beneficial for their mental and physical health. However, this type of care is not routinely offered as part of mental health care.

A/Prof O’Neil has shown that this approach is not only beneficial for those living with common mental health conditions and co-morbidities (like heart disease) but is also highly cost-effective. Her research seeks to translate this evidence into clinical practice to improve the lives of individuals with mental health concerns.

A/Prof O’Neil has given keynote presentations at high schools, public seminars, co-presented online education programs (Future Learn Food and Mood Course) and numerous media appearances. She also worked closely with the Heart Foundation to educate the public, politicians and policy makers on the importance of mental health in heart disease. 

Adrienne completed her PhD in 2012 at Monash University. She is currently the Director of Heart and Mind Research at IMPACT and Deputy Director of Food and Mood Centre.