Dr Vanessa Adams

University of Tasmania
Research Field: Conservation, Environment

Less than a quarter of the Earth’s land remains free from substantial human impact. Timely action to avoid, reduce, and reverse land degradation can bring benefits such as increased food and water security, and mitigation of climate change.

Dr Adams’ research focuses on understanding people’s relationships to places to inform conservation decisions that improve the environment and the communities it supports. Environmental decisions are complex and so she is using tools that are built to embrace complexity rather than ignoring it.

Vanessa is involved in public engagement such as Earth Optimism events, a speaker on soapbox science and has advised government forums as an expert. She has also hosted public forums interfaced with radio to broaden audience reach and networking events for the next generation of conservation scientists to bring students together so that they can build their own relationships and share their research with one another.

Vanessa completed her PhD in 2012 at James Cook University. She is currently a senior lecturer in Conservation and Planning at the University of Tasmania.