Dr Soniya Yambem

Queensland University of Technology
Research Field: Bioelectronics

Imagine a prosthetic hand that functions like a real hand – think of Luke Skywalker’s hand in Star Wars. This would require seamless integration of electronics with the biological world and very effective communication between the brain and the integrated electronics.

Soniya Yambem is a device physicist with extensive experience in developing electronic devices based on organic semiconductors, which are carbon-based materials that are inherently flexible, easily processable and lightweight. She is developing fundamental electronic devices which are very low power consuming and work at very low voltages, to develop transducers between electronic signals and biological signals.

Dr Yambem has given multiple inspiring talks on her research and STEM careers at the ConocoPhillips Science Experience at QUT, for the University for the Third Age and at local schools. She has twice hosted a STEM camp for year 11 students from all over QLD, providing hands-on experience of working in a research laboratory. 

Soniya completed her PhD in 2011 at the University of Houston Texas. She is currently a Senior Lecturer in Physics at the Queensland University of Technology.