Dr Fabio Costa

University of Queensland
Research Field: Physics, Quantum Theory

Our most fundamental theories of physics, quantum theory and gravity, appear to produce paradoxical situations, where it is possible to travel to the past or where time does not exist at all. These possibilities shake the very foundations of physics, which always assumes a linear unfolding of time to make meaningful predictions.

Fabio Costa has developed a set of concepts and mathematical tools to describe physical situations without assuming the existence of a background time. He is now applying these tools to improve emerging quantum technologies, where, although time unfolds in the ordinary way, the new perspective offers more efficient solutions to certain problems.

Dr Costa has been interviewed for several online and print magazines, been featured on several radio programs and has appeared on Network 10’s “The Project”. He has written articles for popular science portal 2physics.com and Futurum Careers.

Fabio complete his PhD in 2013 at the University of Vienna, Austria. He is currently a UQ Amplify Senior Researcher at the University of Queensland.