Dr David Flannery

Queensland University of Technology
Research Field: Astrobiology

Does life exist elsewhere in our solar system, our galaxy, and beyond? Dr David Flannery aims to find out! While the Earth is the only habitable planet in our solar system today, it is likely that the Earth, Venus and Mars were all habitable billions of years ago. 

Dr Flannery’s team has designed and built sensors for studying ancient rocks on Mars. By applying the lessons they have learned studying Earth’s early geological record, they are now investigating ancient habitable environments on Mars with orbiters and rovers.

David’s research has been featured on ABC Radio National, ABC Tv’s Catalyst program and on the Squiz Kids Podcast. He has also led the QUT STEM Course for High Achieving School Students in 2019 and 2020.

David completed his PhD in 2014 at UNSW and is currently an ARC DECRA Fellow at QUT.