Dr Amanda Rebar

Central Queensland University
Research Field: Psychology, Behaviour, Habits

Why do people do what they do instead of doing what they should? Amanda Rebar aims to understand motivation and habits – the drivers behind at least half of our behavioural choices. With strong partnerships with community and industry, Amanda has applied behaviour change science to help understand what motivates people to seek help for mental health, reduce plastic waste in the ocean, cope with Fly-In, Fly-Out work rosters, make safer decisions on the worksite, eat healthier, and exercise more.

Dr Rebar is active in the community, working with Royal Flying Doctor Services to understand how to engage and maintain regional and remote Australians into mental health support services. She mentors and host events for girls such as the “what a scientist looks like” workshops, in which we promote that all people, regardless of gender, can consider science careers. 

Dr Rebar completed her Masters (2010) and Phd in 2013 from The Pennsylvania State University. She is currently a Senior Lecturer in the College of Psychology and Director of the Motivation of Health Behaviours Lab at Central Queensland University in Rockhampton.