Dr Adam Frew

University of Southern Queensland
Research Field: Ecology

Mitigating the damage caused by insect herbivores to crop plants represents a significant challenge as we work to maintain food production for a growing population. A reliance on synthetic pesticides is unsustainable due to their negative environmental impacts, their expense and increasing restrictions on their use. 

Most crops form a close relationship with a group of fungi that provide nutrients and can help boost plant resistance to pests. Dr Frew’s research examines how these fungi can enhance plant defences and investigates how managing soil fungal diversity can reduce crop damage while simultaneously conserving soil ecosystems.

Dr Frew engages with local and national radio and TV, including ABC Brisbane, 7 news and ABC’s Catalyst and he writes for The Conversation. He is a passionate advocate for LGBTQIA+ persons in science having been a Queensland representative for the Queers In Science Initiative in 2019-2020 and served as chair of the Equity and Diversity Working Group for the Ecological Society of Australia (2018-2021).

Adam completed his PhD in 2017 at Western Sydney University. He is currently a lecturer in Environment and Sustainability and the University of Southern Queensland.