Dr Brett Scholz

Australian National University
Research Field: Consumer, Health Systems

Health systems co-produced with or led by consumers provide more relevant, safer, and innovative care. However, there are barriers to such involvement and resistance to a paradigm shift that positions consumers as experts in the health system.

Brett’s research program explores ways in which barriers to consumer leadership can be overcome to facilitate consumer-led health policy, health services, health education and health research. In fact, much of his research is conducted together with consumer co-authors and goes beyond traditional outreach by bringing consumers into all stages of research conceptualisation, production and dissemination.

Dr Scholz’s research on end-of-life care was used to establish the Tiered Consumer Engagement Model for Palliative Care in ACT Health and was integral to the development of the ACT COVID-19 Intensive Care Triage Process. He is the co-founder and co-editor of The Operative Word – the podcast of the International Society of Critical Health Psychology which has increased worldwide engagement with critical health psychology.

He completed his PhD in 2015 at The University of Adelaide. He is currently a Senior Research Fellow in the ANU Medical School at The Australian National University.