Dr Adrian Gleiss

Research Field: Ecology

Adrian Gleiss is a physiological and behavioural ecologist interested in exploring the interactive
roles of behavioural and physiological processes that determine the success of individual
animals and populations. Although Adrian has worked primarily on fishes, he has published on a
broad range of species from jellyfish to marine turtles in both freshwater and marine systems.
Having lived in six countries, Adrian considers himself a global citizen and he believes his
background to be the source for his desire to work in diverse and collaborative environments. At
the Harry Butler Institute at Murdoch University, Adrian leads the Marine Megafauna Research
Theme which aims to solve long-standing challenges in the conservation and management of
threatened marine vertebrates.
The work of Adrian and his students on charismatic marine fauna naturally attracts considerable
public intertest. Harnessing this attention can lead to increased awareness of conservation
issues. Adrian and his group actively participate in events with a diverse range of members of the
community to raise awareness of conservation issues, but also to provide a glimpse into the
exciting world of STEM.