Dr Adam Cross

Research Field: Ecology

Adam is an ecologist with a passion for the natural world.
He has published over 50 peer-reviewed papers and book chapters, as well as two books,
and has extensive experience in the study and restoration of ecosystems around the world,
particularly in the semi-arid and monsoon tropical regions of Australia and in landscapes
disturbed by mining activities. His work focuses primarily on how the ecology of species and
communities reflect and respond to changes in environmental factors such as soils and
climate, with a strong research background in seed biology and plant community ecology. A
recipient of the Research Fellowship in Restoration Ecology at Curtin University, Adam is
Science Director for global restoration organisation the EcoHealth Network, and Restoration
Manager for Gelganyem Limited, an indigenous trust aspiring to return ecologically and
culturally resilient landscapes to the Traditional Owners of the East Kimberley region in
Western Australia.