Dr Bei Bei

Research Field: Sleep & Mental Health

Healthy sleep is fundamental to health, wellbeing, and productivity. Yet 33%-45%
Australians sleep poorly or do not get enough sleep.
Dr Bei is discovering new knowledge about sleep, body clock, and their associations with
mental health. Her work shows that new parents and teenagers are especially affected by
insomnia and sleep deprivation, both linked to depression, anxiety, and day-to-day
functioning. Fortunately, many sleep problems can be effectively treated without drugs, and
Dr Bei is working to make sleep treatments more effective and more widely available to
Dr Bei frequently communicates sleep science and sleep health to the public via media
interviews, school talks, public forums, and workshops. During the COVID-19 pandemic, she
led the development of sleep guidelines during isolation, now in 8 languages, endorsed by
major sleep and health organizations around the world.
Dr Bei holds a DPsych(Clinical) and PhD (2014) from the University of Melbourne. Currently
she is an NHMRC Health Professional Research Fellow at Turner Institute for Brain and
Mental Health, and Clinical Psychologist and Research Lead at Monash University Healthy
Sleep Clinic.