Dr Yuval Yarom

Research Field: Computer Security

Over the last decades our society has become increasingly reliant on computers’ ability to store and process our data. At the same time, these computers have become a prime target for malicious agents aiming to exploit the computers’ access to personal or confidential data.

Yuval’s research evaluates the capability of modern computer hardware to protect the data it processes and develops strategies and techniques for mitigating identified limitations.

Yuval’s research has identified and tackled vulnerabilities in computers and computer software used by virtually every computer user. He has worked with vendors such as Intel and Apple on improving the security of their products.

Yuval’s science communication efforts include multiple interviews for articles in national and international media and public speaking for professional and for general audiences. He enjoys mentoring young people interested in programming and maintains an active presence on social media (Twitter @yuvalyarom).

Yuval received his PhD from the University of Adelaide in 2014. He is currently a Senior Lecturer at the School of Computer Science in the University of Adelaide and a contributing researcher at the Trustworthy Systems group in Data61, CSIRO.