Dr Susanna Cramb

Research Field: Disease Epidemiology and Data Modelling

Most diseases impact some people more than others. When these impacts follow divisions based on
income, race, or geography, they are unjust (“health inequities”). Dr Cramb uses statistics to identify
and understand health inequities, so they can be addressed. She leads a team of talented
researchers called HERO: Health Equity Research with Outcomes.
As part of investigating health inequities, Susanna has mapped cancer diagnosis and survival across
Australia. She developed new statistical models to map cancer survival, and helped lead the
development of the online Australian Cancer Atlas. Designed to be engaging and accessible for both
scientists and the public, it informs users about cancer outcomes in their own backyard. Results
showed stark differences across the nation, with many remote areas often having lower survival for
cancers like liver, lung and prostate.
Other countries are using Susanna’s work to create their own cancer maps. Her research has directly
informed government policy aimed at reducing cancer inequities based on residential location.
Currently, she is investigating inequities in injuries across Queensland, as well as diabetes-related
foot and toe amputations.