Dr Johanna Nalau

Research Field: Climate Adaptation

Dr Nalau is an Australian Research Council DECRA Fellow leading an Australian first project on the
development and feasibility of climate adaptation heuristics. The project examines the commonly used
rules of thumb in how we should adapt to the impacts of climate change globally and specifically in
Australia and interrogates their feasibility for decision- and policymaking processes. Dr Nalau is Lead
Author in the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) 6th Assessment report in Working
Group II (Chapter 15 Small Islands), Managing Editor of the Journal of Climate Risk Management,
and Co-chair of Science Committee of the World Adaptation Science Program. She also leads the
Adaptation Science Research Theme at Cities Research Institute at Griffith University. She was
recently recognised as the Griffith University Young Outstanding Alumni 2019 for the Sciences
Group, and is passionate about building the capacity of the next generation through leadership, career
development guidance, and research innovation. She thrives on finding clues how humans can better
see into the future and make robust decisions today that secure a more resilient future for us all.