Dr April Reside

Research Field: Ecology & Conservation Biology

What will it take to save all of Australia’s animals and plants?
Dr April Reside’s research brings together information on species, particularly those threatened with
extinction, and their threats and required corresponding actions. By examining the costs and
benefits of different actions that address these threats, we can be more effective at saving our
native species.
Dr Reside’s research has focused on one of the major threats to species: climate change. Using
scenarios of future climate, and models of how mobile species such as birds or sharks move
according to local conditions, she has made predictions about where habitat for species will be in
the future. From this, she has identified the best actions to protect these key habitats, and the
species within, into the future. Importantly, solid policy and legislation frameworks that support
these actions are needed. For example, smart policy can lead to preventing severe climate change –
through protection of existing vegetation with high carbon value, and planting more trees to
sequester more carbon – as well as helping species to survive climate change, through protecting
their habitat.