Dr Celia Harris

Research Field: Psychology

Our memories are incredibly important to us, not only for our cognitive functioning but also for
making meaning from our lives, having an identity, and building relationships with others.
Dr Harris studies memory in context, aiming to better understand the processes involved in bringing
memories to mind and how memory retrieval can be supported by our social and technological
environment. She aims to use new knowledge of retrieval mechanisms to develop innovative ways
of supporting memory in contexts where it is needed most, like aged care and dementia care
Celia has engaged in extensive outreach through media interviews and articles, as well as community
presentations and demonstrations about memory. She aims to communicate the value of everyday
reminiscing conversations in providing crucial cognitive scaffolding across the lifespan. Dr Harris was
awarded her PhD in 2010 from Macquarie University, was previously an ARC DECRA fellow, and is
now Vice Chancellor’s Senior Research Fellow at Western Sydney University.