Dr Aparna Lal

Research Field: Ecology & Public Health

Few of the world’s challenges loom as large as climate and environmental
change. To effectively address this major societal challenge, we need
multidisciplinary and inclusive leadership.
Dr Aparna Lal, with a multidisciplinary science background, is an emerging
international leader in this space. She has two postgraduate degrees in
Wildlife Science and Ecology, a PhD in Public Health, and qualifications in
Environmental Law and Zoology.
Dr Lal convenes the ANU Master of Public Health course “Human Health,
Environment and Climate Change” and is committed to helping young
people understand the connection between environment and health. She
is a driving force behind the integration of environment and climate
change into public health curricula. Her passion for equity and inclusivity
underpins all of her work.
Dr Lal’s public outreach includes visits to schools and conference
appearances to lead workshops or provide a keynote. She regularly
engages with the media to make her science accessible. The many articles
on inequalities of bushfire smoke and sewage surveillance for COVID-19,
which she leads, highlight a central theme of her work: The environment
is key to health.