Dr Anna Olsen

Research Field: Public Health

I am an experienced social scientist researcher in the field of public health
with an extensive national and international networks encompassing
academia, non-profits and government. I am predominately focused on
the application of social research methods to health and social
inequalities. My interdisciplinary program of research combines practical
and critical approaches to public health, with a particular interest in
marginalised populations and qualitative methodologies. Current research
project areas include: pill testing; opioid overdose prevention;
methamphetamine use; drug use and motherhood; domestic and family
violence; Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health; and ethical practice
in social research. I value collaborative approaches to research and have
extensive experience working with government and community on
evaluation and research projects. As such, my research is high impact,
with real world out-put. Among other collaborative projects, I am
currently working with a team of colleagues on a large multi-site project
across 18 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities to understand
local experiences of community safety and responses to improve safety.
Driven by local perspectives on what safety should look like,
recommendations have been made to the federal government on funding
and engagement strategies.