Dr Katarina Miljkovic

The Earth is just one planet in our diverse cosmic backyard, and other planetary environments can be wildly different. Studying the clusters of craters in Mars’ crust resulting from collisions and impact events can help us understand Mars’ interior structure, which may lead to developing a unified theory of how rocky planets form.
Dr Miljkovic explores our geologic origins by studying the geophysics of planets and moons through craters on the surface of Earth, the moon, asteroids and Mars.
She also uses numerical modelling to simulate impact events throughout the Solar system. Her team will have access to data collected from a seismometer placed on the Mars surface by NASA’s InSight mission, with the aim to understand the planet’s interior structure.
Katarina’s extensive public outreach includes numerous engagements with
high school students, wide ranging media interviews and contributions to The
Conversation, and events with the Australian Space Agency. Dr Miljkovic received her PhD from the Open University United Kingdom in 2010, and is currently ARC DECRA Fellow at Curtin University.

Planetary and Space Science