Dr Joshua Lewis

Despite major advances in how we treat higher risk individuals, someone dies of cardiovascular disease every 12 minutes in Australia. As we age we get less “bone” in our bones, and more in our blood vessels. While genetic studies and clinical trials have consistently demonstrated this link, it remains poorly understood.
Dr Lewis’ research focuses on genetic, nutritional and clinical epidemiology and clinical trials to understand why and how blood vessels calcify, and how this relates to bone loss in order to prevent fractures, heart attacks and strokes in older Australians. He has recently focused on identifying people with bone-vascular disease and developing and implementing ways to alter cardiovascular disease progression.
Joshua’s public outreach includes numerous media interviews, community engagement through WA Science in the Cinema, and worked on toward a WA food agenda with farmers, industry, community members and local government. Dr Lewis received his PhD from Murdoch University in 2009, and is currently at NHMRC Career Development Fellow at Edith Cowan University.

Clinical Sciences & Public Health