Dr Chris Brennan-Jones

Approximately one in four non-Aboriginal children and one in two Aboriginal
children will suffer from recurrent or chronic ear infections, known as otitis media (OM), which can cause temporary or permanent hearing loss, with the average waiting time for assessments over two years. Serious medical complications from untreated OM can cause long-term delays in language development and opportunities.
Dr Brennan-Jones leads a team of researchers developing telehealth solutions
to enable specialists to view patient results remotely and initiate treatment within weeks, resulting in faster, more cost-effective access to ear health, that will lead to improved hearing and developmental outcomes for these children.
Chris’ public outreach includes community presentations to parents, Aboriginal community members and the general public, many media interviews, and meetings with State and Commonwealth Ministers. Dr Brennan-Jones received his PhD from the University of Western Australia in 2017 and is currently NHMRC Early Career Fellow with the Telethon Kids Institute, a Clinical Senior Lecturer at the University of Western Australia, and Senior Paediatric Audiologist at Perth
Children’s Hospital.

Audiology and Ear Health