Dr Catherine Anne Boisvert

Curtin University
Evolutionary developmental biology works to understand the mechanisms of
evolution by combining the study of development in living animals with fossils.
Paleontology tells the story of what happened in deep time. The combination of these fields can allow us to understand the evolution of the vertebrate body.
Dr Boisvert uses a combination of fossil imaging and gene expression to study and understand evolutionary processes, particularly the transition from jawless to jawed fishes which occurred around 400 million years ago. By tracing these connections, Dr Boisvert aims to unlock the mechanisms of human health and disease.
Catherine regularly communicates her research and passion for science in many ways, including involvement in television programs, media interviews, and is active in the promotion of science to children and the general public. Dr Boisvert received her PhD from Uppsala University, Sweden in 2009, and is currently a Senior Research Fellow at Curtin University.

Evolutionary and Developmental Biology