Associate Professor Richard Norman

Healthcare provides huge opportunities to immensely improve lives but often comes at a significant cost, which necessitates techniques to measure and value health outcomes resulting from different interventions against their costs.
A/Prof Norman’s work emphasises valuing patients’ quality of life when faced with making difficult economic and funding decisions around healthcare, information which can assist both care providers to justify service funding and governments exploring whether service funding is justified. He incorporates generation population survey information to seek to quantify the values placed on different issues to align governmental health decision making with societal values.
Richard has a strong focus on policy impact through involvement in many
Government Advisory Committees that have directly impacted government policies.
To explain his research to the public, he has done many media interviews, and
published pieces in The Conversation. A/Prof Norman received his PhD from the University of Technology Sydney in 2012, and is currently a Senior Research Fellow at Curtin University

Health Economics